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Duncan McHugh Investments is based in Destin, Florida with a branch office in St. Louis, Missouri

Additional Wealth Advisors are located in Alabama and Texas.



Life based planning, disciplined investment process, experienced advice

Duncan McHugh Investments offers personalized wealth management solutions to affluent investors. 


We believe that plans should be as unique as the clients we serve.  We start with your life and build your investment plan around it.  With Duncan McHugh, as your life changes, so too will your investment plan.  And, while we may only manage a portion of your wealth, our goal is to provide you comprehensive investment planning advice.  The piece of the puzzle we manage is of greatest value if it fits into your full picture.


Duncan McHugh and its Wealth Advisors offer comprehensive planning and investment advisory services to a select group of investors.  Unlike advisors who are held to a "suitability" standard, we are held to a higher standard, acting as fiduciaries, required to always act in your best interest.  In addition, we only conduct business on a fee basis, which eliminates product recommendation conflict of interest.  

Duncan McHugh believes that investment plans are not meant to be thick volumes that are completed one time, at the outset of the investment process.  Our plans are not simply risk or age based, they are life based.  Your life.

WealthTrust Asset Management

Professional discretionary asset management is available through WealthTrust Asset Management, our firm's asset management division.  WealthTrust's DBS portfolios (Diversified, Balanced, Strategic) date back to the early 2000's and have a proven track record based on a disciplined quantitative process. Our Wealth Advisors utilize the WealthTrust portfolios at their discretion, in their objective recommendations to their clients.


Duncan McHugh's Wealth Advisors average over twenty-five years of investment experience.  We understand how to build an investment plan and offer disciplined advice that navigates the ever changing investment markets, growing and protecting your hard earned wealth.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish

Start your plan with our 17 Pt Check

Creating your plan starts with you - your life - where you are now, where you want to go, how much time you have to get to your goal, how much risk you are willing to take, and the anticipated life events that could impact your plan.  To offer an objective analysis of where you are now, we have developed a tool, called the 17 Point Check, that will evaluate your current equities in a concise report. 


Gone are the days of the buy and hold strategy. We believe equities are investment vehicles that should be held only when they provide the prospect for increased earnings, and therefore a greater likelihood of price appreciation and/or stable dividends. 


Your 17 Point Check is offered complimentary, without obligation, and will help you understand if your portfolio's foundation is on solid ground.  Talk with one of our Wealth Advisors today to have a 17 Point Check created for you.

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